Smarte Gebäude
Intelligente Gebäude ermöglichen einen multidimensionalen Zugang zum Leben und Arbeiten mit Komfort, Sicherheit und smarten Energie-Konzepten.
Connected Buildings
Werden Sie Teil des Netzwerks für Pionierunternehmen im breiten Themenspektrum Smart Buildings.
Gemeinsam machen wir den Unterschied.

Be part of the future.

Smart buildings open up an exciting future sector for a wide variety of trades. The buildings of the future are intelligent, digitally networked and automated – with the aim of increasing comfort and safety while reducing energy consumption.

Intelligent and networked properties give us multidimensional access to living and working. But that also means intense challenges that we encounter on this path.


The digital and technological transformation, and with it the big trend towards smart buildings, is on the advance worldwide. The buildings of the future are intelligent, digitally networked and automated.

Corona intensifies this trend, because in times of distance all areas of life have been digitized. Today more and more people pay digitally and shop online, and the home has become a home office and learning center. What used to take several years now happens within a few months. This digitization fuels smart homes and connected buildings, and this development will continue after Corona.

The challenges that await us are diverse, complex and can only be mastered together. This is where our future forum comes in: We see ourselves as an incubator, catalyst and hub in the broad spectrum of building digitization. The aim is to build up a strong domestic, new field of strength.

Through networking and the joint, coordinated approach of providers and organizations along the entire value chain, we promote and develop the future market of connected buildings and jointly develop new business models.


Why is the future forum needed?

With this initiative we are directing the focus on what is still missing: Working on the challenges along the entire value chain.

Our vision

We analyze the challenges along the entire value chain and work together on solutions. The aim is to develop a strong domestic sector.

Why digital building technology is an issue of the future

Intelligent buildings are able to adapt comfort, security and smart energy concepts to our respective phase of life.

Support for the elderly & people with disabilities

Franz Pühretmair & Gerhard Nussbaum from the Information Technology Competence Center on the entrepreneurial opportunities to enable people to live at home as long and as independently as possible.

Why maintenance, services and support are becoming essential

Walter Czetsch, Product Management & Innovation at Energie AG Oberösterreich, goes into the changing market: Digitized buildings require more maintenance and service. Their support is a business opportunity for companies.

Entrepreneurial opportunities for the furniture industry

Entrepreneur Roman Eberharter on the reasons why it is important for the furniture industry to deal with smart building technology and smart homes. He appeals to companies to take advantage of the opportunities these new technologies offer. There are also good development opportunities here for small, regional companies.

Why an electrical engineering apprenticeship and training is an investment in the future

Walter Czetsch, Product Management & Innovation at Energie AG Oberösterreich, on the brilliant future opportunities with an electrician apprenticeship. And: We will only achieve the energy transition if we solve the skilled worker problem.

The shortage of skilled workers is an opportunity for women

The shortage of skilled workers is slowing the European economy, while women are still mainly active in only five professional fields. Women are an important human resource that should be awakened. This creates a win-win situation: women earn more and become more independent, and sectors solve their skilled labor problem.


In the broad field of smart, intelligent buildings, there are many questions and challenges that we want to answer and solve together with the companies along the value chain. Find out what is behind the Connected Buildings initiative and what makes digital building technology so exciting.

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