What skills are lacking on the labor market?

A “battle” for the best minds has broken out in many industries: Our economic growth in Central Europe has already reached personnel limits. Whether we can meet the challenges of the future depends on the qualifications of our staff. If there is a shortage of qualified personnel, existing orders cannot be processed and, as a result, new orders cannot be accepted.

The Future Forum Connected Buildings surveys the most important skills & qualification bundles in the Connected Buildings & Smart Home sector in the course of a market survey – and which challenges are present in the labor market.

Whom we address: We interview CEOs and/or HR experts from sectors along the entire smart building technology value chain.

These include, for example: Architects & builders, companies in real estate development, ‘smart’ installers + electrical engineers, furniture manufacturers & carpenters, IT professionals with a focus on building control/automation, specialist retailers/service providers and industrial companies for smart climate, lighting, shading, access control, as well as professionals for smart garden irrigation, alarm systems, energy production & storage (PV systems/solar, heat pumps, storage media) and for assisted living & accessibility (AAL).

Implementation: 30-minute personal interviews via video call or telephone call

Participation in the survey is, of course, anonymous. The results of the market survey will be presented in June 2021, and you will be very happy to receive a copy of the results on request.

You want to participate? You are working in the future field of smart building technology? Please contact Mag. (FH) Anja Herberth at 0650/558 03 19 or anja@conn-build.at for an appointment.

We look forward to the conversation!

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Why is the future forum needed?

With this initiative we are directing the focus on what is still missing: Working on the challenges along the entire value chain.

Our vision

We analyze the challenges along the entire value chain and work together on solutions. The aim is to develop a strong domestic sector.

Why digital building technology is an issue of the future

Intelligent buildings are able to adapt comfort, security and smart energy concepts to our respective phase of life.